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At Wildberry Lodge, there are many recipes that have become guest favorites. We are sharing some of those recipes here. Check back often for the newest additions!

Green pears in front of pyrex dish with browned crust

Pear Gingerbread Cobbler

When pears are in season, this pear gingerbread cobbler will make your house smell like the North Pole! The gingerbread topping has pumpkin-pie spice and molasses, which blends perfectly with the juicy pears underneath. We serve it for breakfast, but it is perfect just warm from the oven with whipped cream or ice cream for dessert. Don't worry if your pears aren't entirely ripe, they will soften as they cook. If they aren't ripe, adjust…... view full recipe

Slices of ham and cheese.

Ham & Cheese Biscuits

Ham and cheese are always a great combination. Mix them into a biscuit dough and you have magic!  ... view full recipe

Stack of freshly made golden brown pancakes

Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes with Apple Cranberry Compote

My best friend Debra often comes to Wildberry Lodge and we make a big mess in the kitchen testing new recipes. We have a lot of fun, and many times we can come up with several new recipes. This one is one of my favorites for fall.  ... view full recipe

Plates of fresh strawberry crepes

Strawberry Crepes with Greek Yogurt Filling

Glenda’s Strawberry Crepes with Greek Yogurt Filling It’s April in Asheville, and spring is literally bursting out every which way you look: look up and you’ll see flowering dogwood trees, which happen to be the state flower in North Carolina. Look down and you’ll see a colorful palette of flora including daffodils, painted trillium, pink and yellow lady's slipper, among others. And if you walk into any farmer’s market right now and you’ll find fresh…... view full recipe

Fresh baked apple pie

Favorite Apple Pie Recipe

This favorite apple pie recipe is a must-bake. I use Granny Smith Apples, but you can use your favorite cooking apple. I also mix the apples sometimes to change up the flavor. Enjoy this sweet taste of Wildberry Lodge at home, and let us know what you think!... view full recipe

White oval basket full of apple firtters sprinkled with powdered sugar

Family Apple Fritters

With apple season upon us, apple recipes are being sought by amateur and pro cooks alike. We bet you’ll soon see variations of apple dumplings, pies,  and preserves; apple butter, applesauce, apple crisp, and apple cider as well soon will grace menus and tables. Here’s one of our apple recipes: Family Apple Fritters! If it doesn’t make it to our breakfast table or become a surprise afternoon or evening snack at the lodge, treat yourself…... view full recipe

Muffin tin full of freshly baked beer muffins

Melinda’s 3-Ingredient Beer Muffins

If you ever wake up late but need to cook breakfast for a houseful of people, here’s a quick and yummy recipe for bread to fill your baskets and fill the house with the smell of fresh baked goods. Here are Wildberry Lodge, we love Melinda's 3-ingredient beer muffins! The basic recipe is only three ingredients; thus the name. That also makes it a good recipe for helpers with limited skills to make or to…... view full recipe

Plate full of freshly bakes pecan tarts

Pecan Tart Recipe

Transient Weatherly Clan Pecan Tassies - Are pecans a favorite everywhere or are they just a special delicacy in North Carolina? We love them and people know it. We just received this recipe from a friend saying, "You must make this." It could have something to do with a pecan pie craving. We're willing to try it. But if you have time to make this must-try pecan tart recipe before we do, let us know…... view full recipe

Blue plate topped with a stack of lemon pancakes dusted with powdered sugar

Guest Favorite Lemon Pecan Pancakes

Our guests love these pancakes, and so do we! These guest favorite lemon pecan pancakes happen to satisfy even our vegan guests' taste buds, and no one feels they are missing a thing. Note: We will make the effort to meet your dietary needs—vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-carb, etc.— without sacrificing flavor or quality. Let us know of any special food requirements or restrictions when you book your stay.... view full recipe

Fluffy yellow and white cooked egg souffle

Egg and Cheese Souffle

This Egg and Cheese Souffle recipe is one of my favorite breakfast dishes for a large number of guests. Plus, it is great for holidays! There are many varieties of this recipe out there, so don’t be afraid to substitute your favorite cheese.... view full recipe

Glass parfaith dish full of creamy bread pudding

Wildberry Lodge’s Bread Pudding

Wildberry Lodge's Bread Pudding recipe is PERFECT for a cold winter day!... view full recipe

Flourless chocolate cake with one piece missing

Kate’s Flourless Chocolate Torte

Master Montezuma Recipe Tip: Store in the fridge but remove 1 hour before serving to soften. Nomnomnomnom... view full recipe

Liquid Truffle Recipe from FBCL

From Kate Randall and the French Broad Chocolate Lounge (FBCL). Liquid Truffle Recipe  ... view full recipe

Wine Poached Plum Recipe

This wine poached plum recipe is perfect for a light dessert or breakfast starter. It is also great on the side for a lunch salad. Make sure you use a nice wine for this recipe as the plums will only enhance the depth of flavor (they cannot improve a bad wine).... view full recipe

Sweet Mango Salsa Recipe

Our Sweet Mango Salsa recipe is a light summer dish that is sweet but with some heat. It is great with tortilla chips and also with Fresh fish and chicken.... view full recipe

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