Camping or glamping – 5 reasons Wildberry Lodge is the place for you

Do you love camping? Do the people you love hate camping? We have a great getaway solution for you. Spend your vacation at Wildberry Lodge. We create the perfect environment for both the camper and the “glamper.” Yes, glamping is … Continue reading

The Story of George Crum and Ashevilles Interesting Tie to the Origin of the Potato Chip

Did you know that the origin of the potato chip has a peculiar tie to Asheville? I didn’t either until I woke up one night around 1AM (hello insomnia!) with a question burning in my brain demanding to know exactly … Continue reading

Begin your wine adventure from our bed and breakfast

Wine lovers, forget California and Napa; think instead North Carolina and Asheville. Plan a wine holiday in the Blue Ridge Mountains and discover a rich assortment of mostly French-inspired wines from a diverse Great Smoky viticulture. With more than 100 … Continue reading

Celebrate An Asheville Easter In Style!

Spring has sprung ladies and gentlemen and there is no better symbol to mark it than with the happy celebration of Easter. All over Asheville we have Easter festivities and traditions that help uplift the spirits and say goodbye to … Continue reading

Spring is blooming around Wildberry Lodge

Hello, spring! You’re right on time! The forest will soon be lush with new growth. The Great Smoky Mountains are coming alive. Water rolls and heads to the river. Birds twitter and forest creatures can be spotted scurrying along. And … Continue reading

Wildberry Lodge Is Bringing The Hikes To You! Check Out Our Newest And Most Exciting Development.

    We have some very exciting changes developing here at the Wildberry Lodge for the year 2019. We recognize that the vast majority of our guests are drawn to our mountainside log cabin because they are drawn to and … Continue reading

Valentines Day Romance Package FREE OF CHARGE the entire month of February!

What is that wonderful scent lingering in the air? Could it be the woodsmoke from our beautiful stone walled fireplace located in the cozy great-room? Maybe it’s the smell of bacon, quiche and baked goods permeating every nook and cranny … Continue reading

Holiday Carriage Rides at the Biltmore Estate

Holiday Carriage Rides at the Biltmore Estate The spirit of Christmas is all around us. Homes are decked with cheerful lights, our mountains are capped with snow, winter wreaths and red bows are adorned all over downtown keeping the magic … Continue reading

Give Plant a try! Our amazing all-vegan restaurant in Asheville.

Almost every day here at the Wildberry Lodge we are asked for restaurant recommendations. Anyone who knows even a scintilla of information about Asheville knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the place that caters to all … Continue reading