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Best Water Activities in Asheville NC

Splish splash, I was taking a bath, long about a Saturday night, yeah… Can’t you just hear Bobby Darin belt out this golden oldie? Well, you don’t have to wait until a Saturday and we have activities that are more adventurous than a bath. Being surrounded by mountains with rivers cascading downstream, you’ll have some exciting times choosing from our list of best water activities in Asheville, NC.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing may be a little slower-paced than other water sports, but there are so many joys you would miss if you were in a motorized boat. It’s really a fun and fairly easy activity. It doesn’t take long before you’re not even noticing that you’re paddling. With the flat bottom construction, you’re able to skim over the water without disturbing aquatic life. If you get the opportunity to go on the same river several times, then you’ll begin to see the subtle changes in nature. The quiet, peaceful movement across the water is relaxing and rejuvenating. You can even make a difference if you happen to pick up any litter you see along your trip. Here are a couple of outfitters:

White Water Rafting

Asheville is a prime location for some great white water rafting trips. These adrenaline rush runs will definitely get your blood pumping. One of the best joys of rafting is doing it with your best buds or partner. It’s one of those memory-making activities. You’ll relish the excitement as you plow through the churning waters. It’s pure joy! So get ready and take the plunge!

Your rafting guide: French Broad Rafting

Paddle Boarding (SUP)

This next water activity has amazing benefits for your body and mental well-being. It’s a great form of exercise that is both addictive and fun! One of the first benefits is obviously balance. It takes a little coordination and using your core (Ah! Another benefit), you need to balance while you paddle through the water. Like kayaking and canoeing, you’ll build arm strength. However, you’ll also be working those leg muscles and strengthening them. You will also receive the benefits of most water activities such as being in nature, breathing fresh air, basking in the sun and beefing up your Vitamin D, and the added benefit of stress relief. Go ahead, hop on a board and start paddling!

Your SUP tour guide: Wai Mauna SUP Tours


Let’s face it, one of the best water activities is swimming—just you and the water. One of the favorite spots for adults and children alike is Sliding Rock. It’s a natural waterfall in Pisgah National Forest. You may have to wait in line but you’ll love sliding down the 60-foot rock into an 8-foot-deep, chilly pool of water. White Hooker Falls is also a great place to splash around at the base of the falls. It’s located in DuPont State Forest and is a great option for a hot summer day. If you enjoy lying on a soft bed of sand at the beach, visit Lake Lure. It’s a scenic, man-made lake with a wide sandy beach. These are just a few of the cool refreshing water holes to enjoy.

Fly Fishing

OK, who has the best fishing tale? How is it that these fish seem to grow bigger and bigger every time the story is told? Not to worry. In Asheville, you will have the time of your life stepping in the water and casting your line. Whether you’re a beginner or skilled in the techniques of fly fishing, you will enjoy getting out in nature and catching your next trout or bass. Now the question is, who has the best hook?

Your fly fishing guide: Asheville Fly Fishing Company


For a whole new experience, try Yoga on a SUP board. These sessions will bring stillness to your body, mind, and soul. Basic instructions are provided right at the beginning of the sessions, so you’re sure to have the best experience possible. This water activity will definitely help you become one with nature, taking in the beauty, stillness and renewing of the water as you move into various poses. Namaste.

Your guide to yoga on a SUP: Sol Flow Yoga

Waterfront Dining

One last water activity is one everyone loves—waterfront dining. Savoring a delicious meal down by the water is nourishing and restful. Asheville has a number of options for dining at the water’s edge. Here are just a few:

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