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Perfect Spa and Massage Vacation in Asheville NC

Spa table with rolled towel, lotion, candle and flowerThinking about combining an Asheville vacation with some “me” time at a spa or two? A “spa-cation” may suit you just fine, and you can experience it first-hand with a stay at Wildberry Lodge! Wildberry is pleased to announce an affiliation with Thalia Morris and Around Town Massage, who will bring massage services right to your room at Wildberry Lodge.

Around Town Massage offers several different treatments including Swedish, Aromatherapy, and Chair massage. They also feature treatments focused on the head, neck, arms and hands, and have options for couples as well as expectant mothers.

Benefits of Massage

Throughout history, spas and massage therapy have brought relaxation and healing to people from all walks of life. Kings, peasants, presidents and ordinary people, all have made pilgrimages to warm mineral springs in hopes of reducing pain and curing various ailments. Franklin Roosevelt famously made multiple trips yearly to Warm Springs, Georgia to alleviate the pain from his polio. And George Washington had his own bathtub on reserve at the mineral springs of Berkley Springs, West Virginia (yes, George not only slept there but also bathed there!).

Stress, muscle tension and lactic acid build-up, cause muscles to harden. This hardening causes stiffness, aches and pains. Massage therapy breaks this pattern and provides you with pain relief. After only one massage, you are more mentally alert, enjoy increased flexibility and experience a genuine sense of peace and calmness.

Other Asheville Massage Providers

There are a multitude of other spa and massage providers in the greater Asheville area, including The Spa at Biltmore Village, and The Salt Spa of Asheville which also features salt therapy in their Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave Sanctuary.

No matter how you decide to have your Western North Carolina spa experience, you will enjoy basking in the afterglow in your cozy guest room at Wildberry Lodge. Make your reservation now online or call us at (828) 683-2525 for more information. We look forward to creating the perfect spa and massage vacation for your Asheville getaway.

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