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Top 10 Q&A’s About Your Bed & Breakfast Stay

For those of you who may be new to staying at a bed and breakfast, here are the top 10 Q&A’s about your stay at Wildberry Lodge, a rustic yet luxurious bed and breakfast near Asheville, NC.

Wildberry Q&A

  1. Are you wheelchair accessible? Our Wineberry Cabin Suite is located on the ground level and is wheelchair accessible.  It is equipped with a  ADA jetted tub/shower combo that has a removable seat for those who may not need it.  It also has a removable toilet grab bar unit.  
  2. Are you pet friendly? We are definitely a pet adoring group over here! We currently have 4 dogs that live with us and gallop around the property (not to mention all of our goats too!). Because of this, we cannot allow other animals on the property for safety purposes. There is no guarantee that our dogs and your animal will get along, so for the safety of our furry loved ones and that of our guests we cannot allow any new animals. But we LOVE animals so much that if you bring a picture of your pet to us you will get a special discount!
  3. Can we bring kids? The answer to this question varies on the age of your child, what room you plan to rent, and how many more guests we will have at the lodge with us for the duration of your stay. It is best to call us and speak directly with the innkeepers about this.
  4. Do you serve alcohol? YES! All of our guests get complimentary glasses of wine upon arrival and we have packages that include a bottle of wine in them as well. You are free to bring the beverage of your choice though, if wine is not your thing. And remember, we are alcohol-friendly and serve in a limited and complimentary way. We also have our own wine cellar now, so you can enjoy a variety of delicious vinos.
  5. May we use the kitchen? Good question! And thank you for asking! In short, no. The kitchen is for staff only for sanitary purposes since we cook and serve breakfast there. Just like you would not walk into a restaurant’s kitchen you also should not walk into ours. You can help yourself to water from the fridge at any point though.
  6. Do you accommodate food allergies and/or sensitivities? Absolutely! Glenda knows how to whip up the tastiest recipes that will adhere to most dietary guidelines. We just ask, in order for us to be fully prepared, that you mention any food restrictions upon booking with us so they will be noted and we will be thoroughly prepared for you.
  7. What happens if I leave an item at the inn? We keep it and re-gift it as a Christmas present. Ha. Just kidding. We have a lost and found bin where we keep left-behind items. If we know who left the item behind, then we will contact you to let you know and to see how we might return the item to you.
  8. Do you have cell service and Internet access? Yes to both! Cell service can be a bit dodgy, especially if it is particularly cloudy or rainy that day though. Internet access is available with a Wi-Fi pass code provided in every room. And if you ever have difficulty using your phone and need to make a phone call, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will lend you ours.
  9. What are your breakfast hours? Our breakfast hours range from 8:00 to 9:30am. When you check in there will be a chalk board where you can write your desired time for breakfast and our chef will prepare fresh for your arrival. You are not locked into that time each day though; you may change it each day if that is what suits your needs. Just make sure any changes are made by 9pm the night before so our staff is prepared. And yes, you may skip breakfast. It is not a requirement to eat breakfast at the B&B, it’s simply a perk. Again, just be courteous and let one of our staff members know the night beforehand so we do not prepare your food and have it go to waste.
  10. When should I book for the fall foliage season? Very early! Let me put it this way, we have people that make reservations for October, a year in advance. We truly do have some of the most breathtaking autumn views in the Blue Ridge Mountains and word of this has spread far and wide. Never be too discouraged to call us at the last minute though to see if we have something available. Last-minute cancellations are known to happen and then we might just be able to get you in. I would recommend booking by July and August just to make sure you get the exact room and dates you want.

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