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First Annual Dupont State Forest Festival!

The 22nd of September marks the National Public Lands Day. A day that celebrates the connection of people and the green space in their community and works to encourage the use of open space to foster education, environmental awareness, recreation and the general health of ourselves and our natural surroundings.

Tucked within the Nantahala National Forest is a beautiful and diverse microcosm known as the Dupont State Forest, wedged between the towns of Brevard and Hendersonville, North Carolina. Dupont offers a wide variety of activities like hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, equestrian and biking trails. Here you will find stunning granite slopes, carpeted forestscape, southern Appalachian bogs and waterfalls.


In honor of this National Public Lands Day Dupont is launching their first ever Forest Festival that is free to all. It will be a day tailored to adventure, wildness and the primal beauty of Dupont State Recreational Forest. Fill your time with endless opportunities of lectures, tours led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic community members, demonstrations and a wide range of activities to enjoy that focus on the importance of public lands and our vital role in protecting them.


Take a look at their dizzying schedule of events they have prepared for you! And best of all, there are no reservations required!




9-11 AM: Yoga

9-11 AM: Trail Maintenance Demo

9-11 AM: Bike Ride

9-11 AM: Forest Ecology Hike

4-6 PM: Yoga



10AM-1PM: Invasive Plants Workday

11AM-12PM: Wildlife Lecture

11AM-12PM: Nature Photography

11AM-12PM: Forest Ecology

11AM-4PM: Woodworking

12-1 PM: Wildlife Lecture

12-1 PM: Kids Waterfall Safety

2-3 PM: Map App Demo

2-4 PM: Nature Photography

4-5 PM: Wildlife of DuPont

5-6 PM: Map App Demo



9 AM -12 PM: 3 Waterfalls & Lake Hike

10-10:30 AM: Aquatic Activity

10-11 AM: Kids Waterfall Safety

11 AM-1 PM: Fly Fishing

11:30 AM-12 PM: Aquatic Activity

11AM-1 PM: Cemetery Hike

3-4 PM: Kids Waterfall Safety

3-5 PM: Fly Fishing

4-6 PM: Cemetery Hike

4:30-5 PM: Aquatic Activity



10 AM -12 PM: American Chestnuts

10 AM-12 PM: Jr. Ranger Program

10 AM-6 PM: Forest Service Demo

11 AM-1 PM: Muddy Sneakers

11 AM-1 PM: Flora and Fauna Hike

11 AM-2 PM: Meet the Horses

1-3 PM Squatch Bike Ride

1-4 PM Moderate Hike

2-4 PM American Chestnuts

2-4 PM Muddy Sneakers

4-6 PM Muddy Sneakers



8:30 AM-12 PM: Adult Bike Ride

11-AM-12 PM: Bumble Bee Hike

2-4 PM: Bumble Bee Hike



2-5 PM: Bike Poker Ride (with prizes!)


BARN (Hike or bike from High Falls or Fawn Lake Parking)

10 AM-6 PM: Meet the Horses


LAKE JULIA (Hike or bike from High Falls or Fawn Lake Parking)

11AM-5 PM: Stand Up Paddleboards (provided)

11AM-5 PM: Kayak Tours (provided)






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