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Experience these unique and top-rated spas in Asheville

Top 3 spas in Asheville


The Wildberry Lodge is a great place to unwind and relax but our ethos is much more different than what the whole of Asheville is all about. When you are a guest at the lodge you are looking through a completely different set of lenses; perched within a majestic wooden cabin, surrounded by mountainscapes that still your heart and quite your mind, accompanied by the chatter of squirrels and the sweet songs of our native birds. We are a different kind of retreat.


Now because we are such a different experience compared to the rest of Asheville it’s no wonder why so many guests love to stay here in Leicester with us. We are only a short 20 minute drive from Asheville so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds all in one vacation.


I have gathered 3 of the most lavish and top rated spas to compliment your stay at the Wildberry Lodge. Imagine waking up to a delicious four course breakfast to set you off on your day with good memories and plenty of energy. Take a breathtaking drive through our subtly winding roads with a country side back drop all the way to Asheville. Then spending time getting pampered, going shopping and enjoying the city life when you then retire back to the solitude and relaxing that the lodge offers (not to mention our big comfy beds too!).


Blaizing Lotus Healing House- 54 Merrimon Ave

Blaizing Lotus has an outstanding mission statement. They are not just there to pamper you; they are there to address such deep seated issues as everyday stress to chronic pain. They treat each person as an individual and give them the attentiveness they need. Their services range from Thai body work, massage including a combo massage of Swedish and deep tissue, enhancements such as hot stones and salt scrubs. Also included in the Healing House is an apothecary where you can meet with a qualified herbalist. The rates are fair and I have never heard a bad word about the work they do.



Still Point Wellness- 81 Central Ave, Suite b

This day spa is definitely the only one of its kind in Asheville. It made its mark with the sensory deprivation salt-water tank. When I first heard the name of this service, my initial thoughts swayed to some sort of torture device. Curious, I dug deeper. People really do swear by this experience. They call it their “float tank” and speak of its ability to guide people into very deep states of relaxation. You float effortlessly above 1500 pounds of Epsom salt in a tank. Not only does the water help you to relax but the salt content in the water is also a key component. Salt has the ability to pull aches and pains from tired joints and sore muscles, clear your airways and cleanse your lungs. The magnesium content in the water is also high which helps the whole body AND mind drift off into the arms of tranquility and prepares you for a wonderful night’s sleep later on. Not in the float tank though. Please don’t do that.



Shoji Spa and Retreat- 96 Avondale Heights rd.

This is a beautiful Japanese inspired sanctuary with a very laid back attitude. They are best known for their outdoors hot tubs! They are private and absolutely beautiful. The laid back attitude serves you well in the tubs as they are clothing optional and you are free to bring your own food and beverages which includes alcohol. Also offered are an assortment of massages, communal cold-water plunge pool and a sauna.














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