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4 Things you should know about fall in Asheville



Each year by the month of July the phone here at the Wildberry starts to ring with people inquiring about the most anticipated season of the year; the fall. When should I book? When will peak color be? Will it be a good year for colors? Will it be rainy? (Seriously?)

Before you know it, autumn will be upon us so I wanted to shed some leaves with you on what to expect and what not to expect from our leaf season. After all, planning a vacation can be stressful and after I dispel many of the myths of our beloved season perhaps you can take a deep breath and relax with your planning.


There is no set “peak week”. Ever.

 Every year is different. No one is trying to hoodwink you, I promise. Sometimes it comes early in the year and sometimes its later and sometimes the difference between them can be weeks. Global warming (you know, if you believe in those silly ole scientifically proven facts) does not help the predictability factor either. Too much rain too soon will dull the colors. A drought brightens them. An early cold snap, even if it’s temporary, will set forth the changing of colors prematurely resulting in an early season. Warmer weather prolongs the change until much later. These variants make a “peak week” range from the last week of September to the first and on occasions second week of November. Geez, I’m not helpful at all am I? Heh.  The point is that colors will be here around the end of October and early November no matter if it’s “peak week” or not and I can personally guarantee you that it will be beautiful regardless.





You have plenty of time to see the colors.

 Did you know that the Blue Ridge Mountains have the longest range in colors than any other area in the nation? *Fluffs feathers* This is in large part due the tremendous variations in elevation as well as the biodiversity of our flora and the variety of our deciduous trees. Some even say our colors have a longer season than anywhere else in the world but I have no legitimate proof of this. But it’s probably true because we’re awesome.


 Don’t just see the colors, experience the colors.

 Make your leaf viewing more meaningful by making it an experience! We have some amazing possibilities here to add serious weight to your escapade. Of course you know by now that I need no reason to have a picnic but leaf season is a REALLY GOOD REASON. You can head to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Craggy Gardens or Max Patch for some outstanding views and prime picnic spots to enjoy. We have zip-lining here that takes you high into the trees for you to see the colors up close and personal. I also recommend taking a hot-air balloon ride! This is definitely on my list of things to experience here and when I do it will certainly be in autumn. Can you image how absolutely beautiful that would be?


You can also head to a bed and breakfast for a romantic getaway in the mountains to see the colors! Oh, wait……



 Book early and trust that it will all work out

 Please book early. We sometimes have reservations for October over a year in advance and every year we book up earlier and faster.  We have a knowledgeable staff that is more than ready to help you with any last minute planning, directions or tips to make your stay with us and your experience with the autumn colors memorable.


We look forward to seeing you!!!!



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