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Twisted Laurel- a new local favorite

Twisted Laurel


Twisted Laurel first opened its doors in Weaverville, NC and has recently opened a second location across from the court house in downtown Asheville. The beauty of this location is that it’s right on the outskirts of downtown so there’s less chance of having to endure those annoying waiting lines!


With a blend of Americana and Greek influences, this restaurant has proven to be a rock solid addition to our bounty of local eateries. It was recommend to me that by gravitating towards the Mediterranean side of the menu you cannot go wrong. You can tell that they have perfected these classic Aegean inspired recipes and that their heart is invested in what they do!


I began with the Kalamarakia which is their starter calamari dish. I was hesitant at first because sometimes the calamari’s in other establishments are entirely over-breaded for my taste, masking the flavor of the delicious tiny squid. I was very much delighted to see that the calamari was tender and lightly breaded, perfectly seasoned with zesty lemon undertones in every bite. The marinara sauce has notes of oregano that nods to Greece and the fried banana peppers gave the dish an additional zing. The squid did not die in vain. Highly recommended.


For my main dish I chose the Spanakopita. I can’t help it. I am a true devotee of this classic Greek dish and I relish in sampling everyone’s take on it. Layer upon layer of perfectly baked phyllo with creamy spinach and feta filling was given to me. It was well executed and seasoned like a pro. No complaints here! I was admittedly very full but decided to give dessert a go and order baklava. I am so happy I made this decision!



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