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Remembering self-care through the hardships of winter


Winter is here. It is the time when the days are short and the nights are long and we are pushed inside to shield ourselves from the harsh weather and seek warmth. Time tends to move slower, just plodding along, paying no heed to your yearning for spring. This is the perfect time for self-care. A much needed occasion for the art of turning inward. Reflection. Contemplation. Meditation. It is a time to really take care of yourself and see that your needs are met.


The way in which people meet these needs are tailored specifically to each individual. The way one person tends to and pampers themself may differ from another. They do, however, have commonalities. I usually see two things that each person needing rejuvenation and self-love has in common.


First, is calm. That quiet time after long busy days at work and after the high fever and loads of stress from the holidays. A little solitude goes a long way when re-charging ones batteries. A moment to think clearly, take deep breathes and just be. Nothing to do, nowhere to be, no one yelling “mom!” or “dad!” over and over. Just peace.


Second, is luxury. This is where a dizzying array of variety comes in so it’s important to know yourself well enough to know what it is that makes you feel spoiled rotten! For me, it’s a clean house with soft classical music playing, my peppermint and vanilla candles lit, hot tea in a beautiful pottery mug and a good book. In this way, I am able to meet my self-care needs.


Do whatever it is that makes you feel cared for. Indulge in your senses and desires! Go get that Swedish massage! Book that salon appointment. Go see that movie. Take that little day trip. Get comfy and don’t leave your house until you finish that book you love. Drink that wine. TAKE THAT NAP!!!!


The winter can be rough for some people. It can be stressful, painfully and sluggishly slow, lonely and even depressing. For any of you that are struggling this time of the year just know that we’ve all been there and that I understand. Try and re-frame your mind and take time for yourself. Seize it! Just remember that no one can take better care of you than yourself and you never need a reason to show yourself self-love. You can practice this every day, no matter the season.


In the depths of winter there is an invincible summer inside of you.





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