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Secret Gardens of Asheville

“Sadness is but a wall between two gardens” – Kahlil Gibran


Asheville has a thriving garden scene. Some of the more well-known gardens include the Biltmore Estate, Botanical Gardens of Asheville and the Arboretum but with a mountain paradise such as ours that is bursting with diversity you’d think there would be more options, right? Well I did a little digging in the dirt and found four little known secret gardens hidden in plain sight.


Christopher Mello- Located in West Asheville is the private yet public property of Christopher Mello; a quirky self-proclaimed narcissist of a gardener that wants to see his vision on the map, literally. With his deep and vibrantly showy colors that he paints onto the trees his goal is to be seen from Google maps and even outer space satellites. Macabre, gothic, hardcore, unusual and downright strange are all words that have been used to describe his take on a garden sanctuary. He is located at the corner of Westwood place and Waynesville Ave in West Asheville. Just keep an eye out for the red and blue bottles poking out of the hedges and you know you have stumbled to the right place!


West Asheville Garden Stroll Tour- A FREE public event held annually since 2009. They stroll along rain or shine while enjoying up to 20 different gardens throughout the West Asheville area. You are in for a treat as these are real gardens tended by real gardeners and not just basic lawn landscaping. It’s definitely a treat for any flower enthusiast!


Green Works Summer Garden Tour- This tour has a $20 admission fee and is hosted by a different area each year. Each garden presented has its own unique history, beauty and style.


Haiku Bamboo Nursery- Located in just a short drive to Hendersonville is a little introduction to Japan….only without the plane ticket! The bamboo groves reach over 6 acres of dense forest. Bamboo stalks will reach up to 60 feet tall here and 12 inches around! It is truly like stepping into another world.


The Haiku Bamboo Nursery and Christopher Mello’s garden are open year round and the tours happen once a year. They have not announced their garden tour dates for 2017 yet but you’ll be the first to know when they do! When the time comes I will be strolling along with the West Asheville Garden tour and I cannot wait to share with you the abundant beauty of some of our secret gardens!



Written by Kate Williams


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