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Bed and breakfast verses hotel

Bed and Breakfast verses hotel

There is nothing wrong with either a B&B or a hotel. It all comes down to the preference of the individual. I am, however, completely biased. I LOVE working at a bed and breakfast and am here to sing its praises. I recently stayed at a hotel and was reminded quite quickly about the differences between the two. So in case you were curious about what sets a bed and breakfast apart from a hotel, I am here to help break it down. And remember, I’m team B&B!



Surveys show that travelers are extremely attracted to amenities that are included with the price of the room. I think this is one of the most practical ways in which they differ. Breakfast is included with the price of your room, always! We offer a four course gourmet breakfast and will do variations per guest’s request. A hotel may or may not offer a basic continental breakfast and it is not always free.

We also offer two libraries for you to peruse with a large assortment of books to enjoy.

At check-in time a bed and breakfast will provide a delicious assortment of hors d’oeuvres and snacks to help fill your belly after your long day of travel. At a hotel you can expect a vending machine and $5 bottles of Dasani.

Hotels charge $$$ for the use of mini bars. Upon arrival we treat you, free of charge, to a glass of wine. 

You get complimentary Wildberry water bottles to use when out in town or on a hike. They are BPA free and recyclable. We are committed to lessening out impact on the environment. 

Good luck finding free Wi-Fi at hotels. It’s rare but happens to be a mainstay at a bed and breakfast.

Parking is always free at a B&B but is often costly when trying to park at a hotel.

And I think the best amenity of all is the COFFEE! A bed and breakfast will serve you good quality coffee throughout the day. Hotel coffee is almost guaranteed to be crap.



When you enter our bed and breakfast, you enter the Innkeepers home. They treat you like family and greet you with warmth and genuine enthusiasm. Staying at a bed and breakfast is so much more personable than staying at a hotel.



Bed and breakfasts are more of an organic version of the hospitality industry. No two B&B rooms are the same which is in stark contrast to the cookie cutter rooms of hotels. I love the homely atmosphere as opposed the more corporate environment of hotels. Chains just lack those personal touches and attention to detail that I have grown to appreciate so much!

An added touch is the cozy fire-pit we set up for you and provide smore-making to make it that much more special of an experience. 



For what you get, you often pay way less. Getting more bang for your buck is a definite perk when staying at a B&B. We also have amazing packages available that drive the value home!





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