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6 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer!

Updated June 2023

This year in the Asheville area we had one of the mildest winters ever on record. It was cold about two times and that is only because a front came through and brought a little snow. Then without hesitation it popped right back up into the 50’s and 60’s…and even into the 70’s. Don’t get me wrong, none of us were complaining (although the plants were super confused) but it got the Wildberry crew wondering how hot this summer is going to get! I am already scurrying trying to remember the best spots to beat the heat and cool off this summer. Some of them are our tried and true go-tos while others we look forward to experiencing for the first time this year!

Don’t miss out on other summer experiences like our popular festivals!

  • Swimming holes! The West coast may have their glacier fed lakes but we southerners have our swimming holes and we couldn’t love them more! One of the most fun-filled swimming holes I know of is Sliding Rock located in Brevard. It’s a waterfall/natural water slide! You climb up the stairs to the top of the 11,000 gallons of cascading water and slide down into a refreshingly cold 6 ft deep pool. It’s a one of a kind of experience!
  • Splashville! Located smack dab in the middle of downtown in front of the court house is Splashville; a place to relax and play in the synchronized water spouts. Often times on the weekends there will be a band playing in the amphitheater right in front of Splashville. Grab a drink, cool off and listen to some jams!
  • Mt. Mitchell This iconic mountain happens to be the highest point on the eastern coast. And lucky for us it’s only an hour away. What better way to cool off than to ascend to 6,684 feet above sea level and bask in the glory of incredible 360 views of the mountains? Seriously though, even in the peak of the summer it might be wise to bring a light jacket just in case.
  • River Tubing! Want to enjoy the summer like a local? Then it’s off to the river for you! The French Broad River brings thousands of people to its banks each year to take a dip and float effortlessly on its currents. Check out Zentubing.com for a great place to start!
  • Grab a cold one! Whether it is a beer or a margarita, let that tall cold glass sweat, not you!!! Check out New Belgium Brewing for a beer. You can enjoy your brew underneath the shade of trees along the river. It’s quite nice. And head on over to the Mountain Madre for that margarita! They are the best in the land. High quality (and strong).
  • ICE CREAM! Did summer ever exist without ice cream? Not in my lifetime, or yours, and that’s all that matters. Because a summer without ice cream is like the Wildberry Lodge without bacon or Calvin without Hobbes….it just doesn’t make sense. The Hop in my opinion has the best ice cream in the area but we also have Kilwins and the Ultimate Ice Cream Company. If you are into gelato might I suggest Chocolate Gems located in downtown off Broadway.

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