Green grass in valley around a red roofed home. Mountains in distance with orange and green and clouds hanging over the first ridge.

Nov 2 2018 Deck Views of fall color from Wildberry Lodge, Leicester NC

Mountain views with green, orange and yellow foliage

Nov 2, 2018 closer view across the valley Nov 2 2018


Deck with red umbrella and table with chairs. Distant mountains will orange and green foliage

Deck view of fall foliage on Nov 1 2018

Mountains with orange, yellow and rust colored leaves

Fall Colors on November 1st

house across valley with red and orange leaved trees in side yard. behind the house are mountains with similiar fall colors mixed with leaves that arte still green.

October 30 2018 fall foliage colors at WIldberry Lodge

Puffy clouds in front of mountains with fall foliage colors of red, orange and yellow. Deck railing in foreground

Fall Color October 27th 2018

Mountains in distance that are still mostly green spotted with yellow and red fall foliage. foreground is deck with red umbrella and black iron table.

Fall Colors October 25 2018 from the deck at Wildberry Lodge

Mountain views with yellow, orange, red and green leaves. Countryside and homes in the foreground.

The fall color show has begun. October 23, 2018


Mountains with blue sky and small pops of yellow and orange

Just small pops of color today Oct 18, 2018

Mountain views mostly green and wispy clouds

October 16, 2018 wispy clouds and a little color in the distance.

Mountain views with clouds and mostly green color

Wildberry Fall View Oct 10 2018