Leaf season is almost here! Check out these fun Fall festivities!

      October, arguably the most anticipated month of the year, is nearly upon us. Everyone is gearing up for the scent of cinnamon filling ones home, carving pumpkins, the jaw-dropping spectacle of the changing leaves, scarves, crisp air … Continue reading

First Annual Dupont State Forest Festival!

The 22nd of September marks the National Public Lands Day. A day that celebrates the connection of people and the green space in their community and works to encourage the use of open space to foster education, environmental awareness, recreation … Continue reading

Leicesters Very Own Carolina Bison Farm Tours!

Carolina Bison Farm     Leicester may be a small unincorporated town outside of Asheville but we have fun things to do here too! The Carolina Bison Farms offers a safari-esk tour in an open air wagon that takes you … Continue reading

Montford Park Players- Bringing Quality Theater to Asheville for 40 Years

Montford Park Players     We are living in interesting times. A time where people are more connected than ever by means of technology yet simultaneously feel disconnected and lonely. I feel fortunate that I live within an area that … Continue reading

Celebrate the end of the prohibition holiday with these distinctive winter inspired cocktails.

    December 5th, 1933 marks the repel day of when the 21st amendment was ratified. Today we remember the “dark days” by celebrating the lift of prohibition exactly 84 years ago today.   The origin of cocktails dates back … Continue reading